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15 Reasons Why Students Must Write NEET Exam

Pointers On The Importance Of The NEET Exam

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the single & most coveted medical entrance examination for students seeking admissions to medical institutes in India as well as abroad for all kinds of undergraduate medical programs. The most intriguing thing about the NEET exam is that it is the only window for medical aspirants in India. This requirement is valid for both private and government medical colleges in the country.

This national-level medical examination is organized by the NTA (National Testing Agency) on behalf of the MoHFW (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare) and DGHS (Directorate General of Health Sciences). NTA is an autonomous body established by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), GOI (Government of India). NTA handles all the NEET exam requirements like notifying the commencement of the NEET application, organizing the exam all across the country, announcing the results, and submitting the all-India rank list to DGHS. NEET counselling, on the other hand, is conducted by the DGHS.

Previously, there were numerous other entrance exams for medicos. AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test) was one such exam. In the year 2013, AIPMT, other state-wise & university/college-wise entrance exams were replaced by NEET- a single entrance exam for the entire country. Many wonders why students write the NEET exam. Why there is an increasing number of candidates appearing for the exam each year? What is the purpose of writing this exam? Are there any benefits? To quench all these queries, here is an article delineating the key points that signify the importance of the NEET exam.

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Why Is NEET Important?

NEET examination is the only chance for students who dream of building a career in the medical sector. Therefore, it is vital to clear this exam to secure a medical seat at the desired institute in the country. With NEET being conducted as the single medical entrance exam in the country, uniformity is ensured at all stages right from unbiased opportunities to equal medical education to all students throughout the nation.

The NEET exam has profoundly assisted in lowering the pressure on candidates who previously had to study for different entrance tests based on their state, their preferred college, and university. Besides that, the NEET examination has additionally benefitted the medical education industry in many other ways.

Young medical enthusiasts can meet their desires of getting admission to renowned medical institutes in the country as well as abroad by qualifying for the NEET exam. A profession in the medical sector is greatly valued in the present world. Due to the fast-growing population, there is a pressing need for developing more healthcare facilities, which in turn demands more medical professionals to address the disease conditions. This is additionally accentuated with the current global crisis that is struck by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some major reasons why students write the NEET exam.

Importance & Benefits Of NEET Exam

Similarities in NEET & board exam syllabi

Being a highly respected & secure position, the medical profession is the most sought-after one in the country. Most students who have a soft spot for Biology end up choosing the medical sector for building their career. The remarkable aspect of the NEET exam is that the syllabus for this exam has been framed with several topics from the syllabi of classes 11 & 12. Also, all the NEET MCQs are based on the NCERT books. Therefore, students can easily crack this exam in the first attempt itself with proper preparation. So, the majority of students attempt this exam since they are already preparing for the exam indirectly during their 11th & 12th. Moreover, this feature is favorable for candidates who aspire to build a medical career as they can save a year or two by preparing for NEET along with their higher secondary studies. This is one of the major reasons why students write the NEET exam along with their board exam.

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Opens multiple opportunities

NEET exam not only determines the eligibility for BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) & MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) courses but also for BVSc & AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry), AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) and Paramedical courses. Moreover, students who get a good rank can secure admission to the top government & private medical universities/colleges. Here is a list of undergraduate medical courses offered under NEET.

Type Of Course Undergraduate Medical Courses
Paramedical BPT- Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BSc Nursing
BSc in Anesthesia Technology
BSc in Medical Imaging Technology
BSc in Medical Record Technology
BSc` in Operation Theater Technology
BRT- Bachelor of Radiation Technology
BSc in Nuclear Medicine Technology
BSc in X-Ray Technology
BSc in Optometry
BSc in Medical Lab Technology
BSc in Dialysis Therapy
BOT- Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
AYUSH BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery
BNYS- Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences
BUMS- Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery
BSMS- Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery
BHMS- Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery
Others BVSc & AH- Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry
BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery
MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Future Prospects After Qualifying NEET Exam

Importance Of NEET ExamSingle entrance exam throughout the country

Since the NEET exam is a common medical gateway for all students, it assures that the admission process is uniform for undergraduate medical programs at different colleges & universities across all the states in India. With the NEET score, students can also secure admission at JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research) and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Because of this uniformity, students need not worry about writing multiple entrance exams to get admission to a good medical institute. They can concentrate their attention on this common exam and prepare well to ace this one. This is one of the crucial pointers on the importance of the NEET exam.

Importance Of NEET ExamLowered pressure on students 

There used to be times when medical aspirants gave more than 8-9 entrance exams to secure a medical seat in one institute. This resulted in irrelevant mental pressure on students compelling them to prepare for multiple exams in separate manners depending on their formats. Nonetheless, with the NEET exam, this pressure was alleviated for students who presently need to just study for this single medical entrance test for all colleges & universities. This is the highlighting aspect of the NEET exam, raising the importance of the NEET exam as well as motivating students to write the exam. Focus on one single exam can make NEET candidates more determined and confident.

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Importance Of NEET ExamA fair chance for all

Before each college & state had their own distinct entrance tests and this led to blocked seats & reservations depending on various criteria that considerably lowered the availability of seats for deserving students. NEET, on the other hand, has offered equal opportunities by determining the eligibility for admission based on their merits & scores. All NEET applicants get equal shots at procuring medical seats regardless of the state & college. Unlike the earlier times where background ascertained the admission, here the candidate’s score determines their seat. All students have to do is try their best at acing the exam. Based on the rank obtained for the NEET exam, one can enroll in the top medical colleges in India.

Importance Of NEET ExamAssures filtration without any scams

The transparency level was reduced to a great extent before because of the recurrent cases of exam paper leaking. Additionally, reportings of scams in form of heavy donations and back-office corruption from various private medical institutes & state entrances were common back then. All of these malpractices were put to stop with the introduction of the NEET exam. Therefore, students can rest assured about the fair opportunities for securing medical seats based on their performance at the NEET examination.

Importance Of NEET ExamConvenient exam pattern 

Previously, AIPMT papers were of 200 questions and were given a duration of 3 hours to solve the paper. In this pattern, students had very less time (< 1 minute) for answering each question. However, the NEET exam is conducted in offline mode (Pen & paper-based test) for 180 minutes or 3 hours with a total of 180 questions. Now, students get a minimum of 1 minute to solve each NEET MCQ. That is sufficient time to choose the right answer, reflect on options, and think. This has significantly reduced the fear and anxiety of missing out on questions and therefore students can calmly answer all questions provided in the NEET exam paper. This way students can expect better scores with the NEET exam. This importance of the NEET exam has inspired several students to write the exam

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Importance Of NEET Exam13 different languages

NEET exam is conducted in different diverse languages for extending the reach & increasing the comfort of students from all states in India. The most recent exam, which is the NEET 2021, was conducted in 13 different languages including, English, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, and Hindi. Students can opt for the language they are comfortable with during the NEET exam application. However, language can be chosen based on the candidate’s state. A bilingual test booklet is provided at the exam hall which has questions in both English & your preferred language. In case of any translation doubts during the exam, questions in English will be regarded as final.

Importance Of NEET ExamAvailability of seats

A decent medical seat is the ultimate aim of all the candidates who appear for the NEET exam. In view of assuring fair chances for those seeking medical seats, the NEET exam offers the following seat availability under different quotas:

  • All seats including management quota & NRI quota, in non-minority/unaided minority/private aided medical colleges
  • Central pool quota seats
  • Dental/management/state colleges or NRI quota seats in private medical colleges/any private university
  • Deemed universities/universities/central institutions
  • JIPMER/AIIMS institutes across India
  • State government quota seats
  • All India quota seats

Candidates who have successfully cleared the NEET exam can claim seats under any of these quotas.

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Importance Of NEET ExamNo limit in NEET exam attempts

So far, the NEET exam has no limitation on the number of attempts for a student. This can only take students closer to their medical dreams. This is one of the major benefits of the NEET exam as students need not compromise anymore for pursuing a career in medicine. Nonetheless, the age criteria should be fulfilled. There is no upper age limit for NEET applicants, but they need to be at least 17 years old to take the examination.

List of Important Topics To Study For NEET 2022 Exam

Opportunities abroad

Due to the acute shortage of seats for undergraduate medical courses in India, students have found foreign medical institutes as a lucrative option for their studies. Annually, there is an increasing number of candidates who shift to foreign nations for their medical education. Candidates who have decent NEET scores and are financially strong prefer countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, and so on whereas those who are financially weak seek admission in affordable countries like Bangladesh, Ukraine, China, Russia, Barbados, Guyana, and so on. International medical institutes recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India) provide excellent opportunities for Indian students who are looking for quality education at affordable prices. Besides getting admission at any reputed medical institutes in India, candidates who clear the NEET exam also get the chance of pursuing medicine at any institute abroad.

Importance Of NEET ExamSaves time & money

Importance Of NEET Exam

NEET has taken care of the two most crucial & valuable aspects of NEET aspirants- time & money. With the introduction of the NEET exam, candidates are now able to save both money & time. Before this, students had to spend a lot of their time & money on different entrance tests applications & preparations to get admission at a medical institute.

Importance Of NEET ExamChoice of challenging

Unlike other examinations, the NEET exam offers a favorable option for candidates to challenge their answers by uploading the OMR answer sheet of each student. If at all, they come across any discrepancies after verification, they can be challenged.

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Importance Of NEET ExamDifferent exam centers across the country

Students are provided with the choice of selecting 4 convenient cities according to their preferences during the NEET exam application. This way, candidates can choose any four nearby cities at their convenience. NEET exam centers are scattered all around India. NEET 2021 was conducted in 202 cities all across India. Almost 2546 exam centers were allotted by the NTA for the recently conducted exam. The newest additions to the list of cities were Dubai and Kuwait.

Importance Of NEET ExamAdvanced preparation 

Numerous candidates appear for the NEET exam annually. Due to the cutthroat competition, students prepare well in advance to ace it. For clearing the NEET exam, one needs clarity of the fundamental concepts of Zoology, Botany, Chemistry & Physics and a well-planned strategy. The negative marking scheme is the most challenging aspect of the NEET exam. So, students additionally need to improve their accuracy & speed to solve 180 questions within 180 minutes. Since students go for a strategized NEET exam preparation and that too well in advance, they get a good exposure for the upcoming phases of their career in the medical sector. This can be handy as the medical profession is quite demanding & students require a lot of perseverance, patience, and grit to become successful.

These are the 15 reasons why students write the NEET exam. We hope this article on the importance of the NEET exam was helpful to all NEET aspirants out there. Stay tuned with Biotecnika for more NEET-related articles.

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Importance Of NEET Exam, Why Write NEET Exam?



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